Stan Yan grew up in Denver, Colorado and went to school at the University of Colorado in Boulder where he got his bachelor’s degree in accounting. Due to the lack of sex-for-recruiting for accounting students, Yan’s life took the tragic turn into sales for the securities industry, where he has wallowed in ethical poverty on-and-off for thirteen years. Yan takes his frustrations out by penning graphic novels such as The Wang. Since 2005, Yan has given up on financial security and become a full-time freelance cartoonist, illustrating SubCulture for Ape Entertaiment, creating comic strips for the financial and sales industry, and picking up odd illustration and teaching jobs when folks are feeling agonizing pity for him. Do your conscience a favor and hire him. You can find him at

Kevin Freeman is a military brat and has been in and out of the comics industry for 15 years as a fan, retailer, editor and writer. he has decided to use his powers for good, despite being a self-proclaimed “Evil Genius for a Better Tomorrow.” He’s written numerous pieces for Wizards of the Coast, is the Managing Editor for the respected small-press publisher Action Lab Comics, and the Editor for the now-defunct ComicsNow! Magazine. When he’s not involved in funnybooks, Kevin is an assistant professor in political science at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. He has degrees from Vanderbilt, Baylor, and Alabama and speaks a number of languages poorly. He’s also an avid traveler and a rabid soccer fan. He currently lives in North Carolina with his wife and young son. He ultimately would like to rule the world.