Jason is the everyman of our story. He’s a fan of comics, video games, and the like, but tends to keep that to himself in mixed company. There are lots of reasons for this–he might be embarrassed about his hobbies or he might not like the stereotype that it projects. He has a dead-end job (in Bart’s store), but lacks the enthusiasm and motivation to try to find anything better. He recently bought a new car.
Arthur is the fanboy of all fanboys. He works from home as a computer programmer and troubleshooter and had dedicated his free time to collecting comics, playing videogames, and role-playing. He’s a bit lacking on the social skills, but this doesn’t stop him from letting everyone know the things that are important to him.  He is currently shedding pounds and dating Kim, below.
Noel is the primary female foil of our story. She’s confident, headstrong, and incredibly passive aggressive. She’s into small press independent comics and is relatively new to the fanboy lifestyle. She works at the Bean Barn, a local mall cafe, but also owns and operates her own art gallery on the side.  She can always be counted on for a smart-ass comment.
Skip is a young, headstrong gamer who wears black every day of the week and tends to let his emotions get the best of him on occasion. He loves to play card games and paint miniatures, and he spends virtually every waking moment of his free time (of which he has quite a bit) at Kingdom Comix. He’s smarter than he looks, however, and has shocking words of wisdom on occasion.
At only fourteen years of age, Travis is the youngest of the Kingdom Comix crew. He brings a refreshing naïveté to the store, but naturally the rest of the gang do their best to take advantage of it. At the rate he is going, he is likely doomed for a life of dorkdom, but he doesn’t really care.  His mother uses the store as her own personal (and free) babysitting service.
Bart is the owner of Kingdom Comix, and as such, a local hero. Thrice divorced but completely loveable, he’s dedicated his life to delivering comics, games, and other sundries to the young and young at heart. His customers kindly forgive his occasional mishap, such as sleeping on one of the back tables or spending a half hour in the store restroom. He’s always out to make a buck or two.
Babs is the lone female of the regulars who spend their evenings at the store. She is a role-playing fanatic, and sometimes likes to appear at the table in costume. She’s also a LARP-er and a RenFaire junkie, and hosts the occasional cosplay party. She reads virtually every Shojo Manga in print.  Despite her quirks and goofiness, she’s arguably the most rational thinker of the crew.
Kim is Arthur’s love interest and perhaps a bigger geek than he is. She’s an attorney (and apparently a well-paid one given how well her geek-house is stocked) and a hardcore Warworld Online player. She’s a tiny, glasses-wearing spark plug, and her and Arthur together make quite the odd couple. She has a brother, Edward, who likes to quote movies.
Miyoko is a tall, skinny, half-Japanese fangirl who is heavily into cosplay of all sorts.  She’s very good at making costumes, and wins the occasional prize at conventions.  She’s relatively well-adjusted, and knows how to handle herself when she is the object of too much “attention” at conventions and elsewhere.  She is Babs’ roomate at the local university.  She’s also a lesbian.
Larry is the owner of Merlin’s Outhouse, a relatively new gaming store that has opened up across town.  He’s short-tempered, manipulative, and a firm believer in the zero-sum game.  In other words, he’s kind of a dick.  He and Bart, as should come as no surprise, are arch-enemies.  But they have more in common than either is willing to admit.
Sunshine is Larry’s faithful employee at Merlin’s Outhouse.  She’s a bleached blond, a smoker, and has a full tattoo sleeve on her left arm.  She’s generally nice, but isn’t afraid to use people to get what she wants.  She loves games of all sorts, including mind games.  A manipulative game with Jason has recently turned into a budding romance, but no one other than Jason really trusts her.