Well, it looks like Comics NOW! Magazine is dead and gone, at least for now. Circumstances beyond everyone’s control has resulted in a temporary cancellation of the magazine. Unfortunately for us, we had two color strips that were in queue for publishing in that magazine, and since they might not see the light of day otherwise, Stan and I present these to you in magnificent full-color.

I would love to do a regular color strip like this, even if it is only once a month. So, for this month and next, I will publish the color strips on the last Sunday of each month. If you all like the looks of the color strips, do let us know, and Stan and I might consider doing them regularly–once a month, I think, is a reasonable goal for now, and maybe one day, when we’re huge, we can do a weekly Sunday strip. But for now, enjoy this one, and look for the second one at the end of April.