This probably isn’t the proper place to post this, but I am trying to clean out some space in my “man room” and I have a few redundant comics, books, and games that I am trying to let go.  Here’s a list:

Hellboy: The Chained Coffin and Others TPB: $5
Hellboy: The Right Hand of Doom TPB: $5
Jack Staff Vol 2: Soldiers (Image): $5
Jack Staff Vol 3: Echoes of Tomorrow (Image): $5
Love and Rockets: Maggie the Mechanic: $5
Sin City: Booze, Broads, & Bullets: $5
Sin City: That Yellow Bastard: $5
Sin City: Hell and Back: $5
Sin City: Big Fat Kill: $5
Y: The Last Man Book 1: $5

Singles and Sets
Tiny Titans #1-6: $6
Station (Boom) 1-4: $4
Terry Moore’s Echo #1-5: $5
Justice League (1987) 1-12, 15-24: $1 each
New Teen Titans (1980): 9, 11-27, Annual 1: $1 each
Exterminators (Vertigo) 24-30: $5

Shipwrecked (Out of the Box): $5
Gold Digger (Out of the Box): $5
D&D 4th Edition Players’ Handbook: $18
Democrazy (Descartes): $5
Castle (Descartes): $5

I also have The George Perez Avengers run, #1-25, that I would be willing to part with, and the entire John Byrne run on Fantastic Four (#232-293). Make offers if you are interested in those. I’d prefer to sell those as sets, but will entertain offers for less than that.

Shoot me an email at kfreeman13 (at) nc (dot) rr (d0t) com if you’re interested in any of this stuff before I try to move it on ebay or give it away.