Just to let everyone know, SubCulture: The Webstrips Volume 1–The Wrath of Geek arrived at my doorstep from the printer today.  That means that it should be in stores probably next week, August 17th.  Books 2 and 3 have also been printed, and one box of each is being shipped to my hotel in Chicago for Wizard World Chicago.  When I get back from the con, I will mail books 1-3 to everyone who preordered the set.  So if all goes well, everyone should have them in their sweaty palms by the end of next week, God willing.

Book 2 SHOULD be in the September Previews, and Book 3 SHOULD be in the October Previews, if all goes well.  A lost email or two pushed the solicitation of Book 2 back TWO months, but I think we are on track now.  They are printed and ready to go.

Book 4, for those of you who are curious, will be a little bigger.  I will probably take it all the way to the end of the current SuperCon storyline, which ends with Strip 397.  So it will be more like 128 pages instead of 96.  We’ll try to keep the price manageable as well–something like $11.95 is about what it will be.

Stan and I are going to be fully posting and Tweeting from Chicago.  We also hear that Noel will be in town as well!